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Liquid flow rate ml
Vapour flow rate mv
Liquid density ρl
Vapour density ρv
Liquid hold-up time τl
Liquid volumetric flow rate Ql 3.50
Vapour volumetric flow rate Qv 800.00
Mixture density ρmix 5.60
Separation factor Sf 0.1237
Separator sizing factor K 0.1528
Maximum vapour velocity uvapmax 4.320
Minimum gas flow area Avmin 0.05144
Minimum separator area required Atotalmin 0.25721
Minimum separator diameter Dmin 0.572
Maximum inlet nozzle velocity unozmax 51.54
Minimum inlet nozzle velocity unozmin 30.93
Maximum inlet nozzle diameter dinlet max 0.096
Recommended inlet nozzle size dinlet 4 inch
Liquid hold-up volume Vl 0.583
Vessel length tan to tan L 2.579
Recommended separator diameter Dsep 0.600
Vessel L:D L:D 4.30

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